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Transcendental Meditation and the Adolescent Brain

Relaxed Alertness Means Stress-Reduction, Healing, and Improved Learning

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Stress has been described by some as the plague of the century, and children and teenagers are no less afflicted by it than adults. In fact, according to Dr. Stixrud, young brains are even more vulnerable to stress and substance abuse precisely because they are not yet fully developed.

In his captivating talk, Dr. Stixrud explores the research, clinical applications, and uses of the Transcendental Meditation technique for reducing stress and stress-related disorders, improving brain function, and enhancing learning among the young.

About William Stixrud, Ph.D.

Clinical neuropsychologist; Adjunct Faculty, Children’s National Medical Center; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences, and Pediatrics, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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