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Maharishi Addresses the Harvard Law Forum

Discovering the Infinite Potential Within

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In 1970, Maharishi addressed students at the Harvard Law Forum, explaining that the source of thought, the field of Being, is the basis of all thought, action, achievement, and fulfillment. Ignorance of this field of infinite potential leads to suffering. The Transcendental Meditation technique allows us to effortlessly experience the source of thought and thereby gain the ability to live 200% of life – 100% inner, spiritual and 100% outer, material life.

Leaving his native India, Maharishi first introduced TM to the west in the 1950s, making several world tours in which thousands were taught the technique. To accelerate access to his knowledge, he began to multiply himself by creating TM teachers in every country. In the 70s he introduced the advanced TM-Sidhi® program, followed by Maharishi AyurVeda®, the Maharishi Jyotish℠ program, Maharishi Gandharva Veda℠, Maharishi Vedic Science℠, Maharishi Vedic℠ architecture, etc. For this re-enlivenment of all forty aspects of the Veda and Vedic Literature, he is regarded as the greatest Vedic scholar and scientist of our time.

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