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Love and Transcendence: The Secrets of Lasting Rehabilitation, Parts 1&2

Why love and coherence are the basis of a healthy, compassionate, peaceful society.

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Love—the Essence of Life

Humanitarian Father Gabriel Mejia explains that love is the basis of a compassionate society—one that sees homeless children not as problems, but as opportunities full of potential. A lack of coherence in society causes greed, corruption, poverty, addiction, violence, and cruelty, says Fr. Mejia. The solution is to restore balance, coherence, and compassion to the individual and society through self-actualization programs like the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Father Gabriel Mejia is a Catholic priest, humanitarian, and the founder of Fundacion Hogares—a Latin American orphanage that has helped more than 100,000 street children to live productive, healthy, and happy lives. With 47 shelters throughout Fr. Mejia’s native Colombia and Latin America, the foundation offers children food, shelter, education, and the experience of their own inner coherence and love through the TM technique. Fr. Mejia is the subject of Saving the Disposable Ones, a David Lynch Foundation documentary that takes viewers to the inner city streets of Colombia, where this extraordinary priest is transforming the lives of thousands of abandoned children.

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